Jordan Pedersen is still in love with the violin player from the “Overnight Celebrity” video.

For some reason, I find that I like to scowl through my day: I try to avoid being a total dick to my coworkers, but work can be dumb, the weather in Chicago is fucking terrible, and SERIOUSLY MY LIFE IS REALLY HARD OKAY? A good scowl is cathartic, and the worst that can happen is it makes someone on the train think you have indigestion.Where you are dictates how you scowl: In the Bay? E-40 can give you a good thizz face. NY? The city of Mobb Deep and CNN should be able to fit the bill.

But for wandering the streets of Chicago during that suppurating asshole we call February, it’s gotta be the Tung Twista. Shots Fired’s recent Chicago episode compelled me to reacquaint myself with his pre-Kanye discography, specifically his snarling 1997 classic Adrenaline Rush, the entirety of which was produced by The Legendary Traxster.Twista’s brief flirtation with the mainstream gave Trax a leg up, too: dude even co-produced a track with Mariah Carey. Since then, he’s largely returned to the dark, synth-heavy sound that made him famous – think DJ Mustard but you shoot people instead of dance.

Trax brings his myopic flair to a couple of tracks on Troubled Waters, the latest mixtape from Devin the dude-affiliate Java Starr. The best of the bunch is “Lost,” featuring Yuk Mouth and Twista himself. Java’s got a good flow and nice presence, but no surprise that Twista’s the standout here, spitting the same glorious double-time flow he’s been plying since Bill Clinton’s first sex scandal.

Finally: the perfect soundtrack to ignoring the Greenpeace canvassers down the street from your office. Snarl away.

ZIP: Java Star – Troubled Waters (prod. by Traxster)


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