Behold: the lone photo of me to ever appear on the Passion of the Weiss. In the words of the RZA on Wu-Tang Forever, this is like a comet. Or to paraphrase another eccentric superhero, once the face got revealed, game got real. The reason is that on the latest episode of Shots Fired, Nocando and I welcomed Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship and Fatlip of the Pharcyde. If you know me or my 13-year old self, this was a coup almost on par with going on a date with Cindy Crawford.  Because I do not believe that taking a picture of yourself causes you to lose a piece of your soul, I had to offer proof that it existed. And I think the show came out pretty well too. I learned some things and managed to avoid talking about the inner meaning of “Passing Me By” as a romantically frustrated seventh grader. What’s really good. The episode description and MP3 are below the jump. There are no other podcasts in the sea. In the sea that is.

MP3: Shots Fired, Episode 20: Back in the Day/Ain’t Your Momma Pretty ft. Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship & Fatlip of The Pharcyde

Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship & Fatlip of The Pharcyde join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss this week to talk about their lives, their music, and what they’re doing now. Self Jupiter and Fatlip discuss early beginnings, the Good Life Cafe, and play some classic/current tracks. Plus, they talk about Drake’s trip to the strip club and MTV’s Hottest MC List.

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