Tosten Burks found love in a Popeless place.

The SaveMoney dilemma is that the crew carries the Chicago underground, but is also tasked with ending the city’s insularity. A lot of new label money depends on the successful nationalization of this burgeoning family. Chance, Vic Mensa, these guys are probably dominos, for better or for worse.

So in this spotlight, it’s exciting to see the music stay progressive. Let the world know that Kami de Chukwu and Joey Purp are more children of Quasimoto than Common, that they have too much faith in the internet to waste time on hooks, that their women look like Dana Plato. “Illuminati Slumber Party” is an absurd image, an imposing set of marathon verses, and cool proof that Kami and Purp are best when left free to out-punchline each other.

Keeping this post short because every good thing out of Chicago doesn’t need to be paired with a sermon about how Chicago is producing more and more good things. This is the world we live in. Crème de le crème, just keep coming for the cash crop. The SaveMoney harvest continues.


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