MobbDeen: Big K.R.I.T’s “King Remembered In Time”

Deen scoffs at your slander. I’m fairly certain that this means that I’m an ungrateful shit, but I’m wondering why the fuck Big KRIT still feels the need to hand out free music in 2013. I get...
By    April 12, 2013

Deen scoffs at your slander.

I’m fairly certain that this means that I’m an ungrateful shit, but I’m wondering why the fuck Big KRIT still feels the need to hand out free music in 2013. I get the whole industry mindset nowadays, but KRIT has more than paid his dues. So much that his retail album probably suffered due to his generosity and work-ethic. The man dropped 3 or 4 (depends) tapes before his major label debut – he was gassed when it dropped.

Despite having earned a barcode with Live From The Underground, KRIT is in the same boat that J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar were in before him – good (or spectacular depending on who’s doing the dick-riding – pause) rappers stuck on major labels without THAT single or series of singles that would take their careers to the next level. J.Cole and Kendrick managed to pass their tests, while KRIT kinda muddled his way to and through his debut. I bought the album on GP, given all the free dope shit he’d given us, but I have to admit that it was a bit of a stinker: underdeveloped hooks and vapid rapping.

The idea is that he’s getting another go round at dropping a dope album, hopefully with dope singles to match. The beats and rhymes have never been a problem for me and his show stealing verse on ASAP Rocky’s “1 Train” seemed to suggest that something special was about to happen. “Shine On” with Bun B was perfectly acceptable KRIT, but I was still surprised to learn that the song was part of a mixtape as opposed to the beginning of his next retail cycle.

The goal for me was to evaluate how good his single type songs sound. KRIT has proven himself pretty capable of fleshing out entire projects with earnestness, depth and sonic variety, so I’m not focusing on that this time. All of that mellow stuff sounds as cool as always, but that that’s enough about that. A quick glance at the tracklist reveals collaborations with Trinidad James, Wiz Khalifa AND the gawd Future Belafonte. There’s also an outsourced production from 9th Wonder. Interesting, given that some critics and fans have suggested that KRIT oughta focus on either rapping or producing as opposed to double dipping. Color me intrigued.

So how do the more intriguing parts of the tracklist sound? Well KRIT only gives us a snippet of the Future Butler collaboration and he was right to do so. Can’t be outchea giving gawdly collaborations away on mixtapes unless they have “misinterpreted” date rape lyrics on em.

“Just Last Week” actually sounds as if it’s a monster in waiting. All KRIT-produced Southern fried synths and Future Pendergrass adlibs (TURN UP!) all over that bitch. I’m more encouraged by the chemistry between the artists — it actually sounds as if they were in the studio together when this happened, as opposed to KRIT mailing Future Pavarotti a beat for hook services.

Sounds like a potential winner, but it might need a few more 808s to hit max turn up levels – at least that’s what my car speakers think – and my speakers know hoes. Then again, it’s just a snippet – maybe things get and stay raucous after that first hook. JUH LAAAH WEEK A HADDA BALL ON EM!

If KRIT is gonna outsource his production more often he’d be well served to avoid hanging out with 9th Wonder’s stale ass drums. I mean, the song is perfectly competent, thanks to what sounds like a Marvin sample and the always welcome BJ the Chicago Kid (Pause), but those drums expired in 2006. KRIT can do worse by himself without defrauding the listeners. Go hang out with niggas like Mike Will Made It bruh.

The collaboration with Wiz Khalifa is some pretty smooth shit that isn’t ruined by both Wiz’s and DZA’s weak efforts at emulating the gift that won’t stop giving: Ace Hood’s flow from “Hustle Hard” (seriously, when are rappers gonna stop aping this shit? It’s been almost TWO years!) And Trinidad James sounds shockingly competent on “My Trunk” – like the verse lowkey dope and he’s on beat and all that. But for my pesos, the best songs on this return to form for KRIT are “Good 2getha” with Ashton Jones – a twinkly male/female duet – and “How U Luv That” – yet another song suggesting that we need to hear more from Big Sant.

So yeah, KRIT’s back. For the second time? We just need Future Obama to trumpet this to the masses for real once the complete version of “Just Last Week” drops. Hopefully, he charges for the shit because I’m sure Future Buffet features don’t come cheap. TURN UP!

ZIP: Big K.R.I.T. – King Remembered in Time (Left-Click)

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