April 18, 2013

Chris Daly is the Zig Zag Zig Allah.

Rejoice, you old hip hop heads, for not only have De La Soul dropped the latest single for their forthcoming “You’re Welcome,” but they’ve tapped into the Spirit of the Wu on this eerie thumper. Utilizing the same sample that the Clan did for ‘Intro’ on Disc Two of “Wu-Tang Forever,” the long since elder statesmen from Long Island tap into a vibe that ain’t nuttin to fuck wit on “Get Away.” Following a RZA snippet, those familiar with the killer bees will immediately recognize those haunting strings and keys before Pos spits, ““Like the Wu we bring it to you in the purest form/we reside far away from the norm.”

Whether the track is a nod to the past or future probably depends on one’s point of view. Harkening back to the Wu’s hey day definitely points to yesteryear, but this direction is new for the Plug Brothers. The promo picture shows a “new” side to Posdnuos, Trugoy and Maseo, too–long gone are the giant daisies and leather medallions. In their place stand grizzled veterans with more than a touch of grey to their royal visages. Will being tougher than leather suit them better than their forebears? Plug tune in monthly, as the Native Tongue trio plans to drop a series of tracks via YouTube and social media leading up to the new album release. The late fall drop date should put any remaining questions to rest, but all indications point to three once again being the magic number.


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