May 8, 2013

You know Chris Daly’s steez.

Sure, stoned is the way of the walk, but for those too blunted to slip on kicks, L.A. beatsmith Ras_G has put together yet another lazily, laid back, bubbler of a track for your relaxed, listening pleasure. Taking equal inspiration from rubbery bass lines, inclement weather and what this listener can only assume were the stickiest of buds, the Poo-Bah Records founder and Brainfeeder regular proves that gray skies are just another excuse to say fuck it, sit back down and light up another one.

“Gloom Steez….” lovingly lifts a Thundercat groove, fingers just dancing on the frets, and throws in some sleepy vocals for good measure, all so you can lay back and groove on a rainy day. Brother Jimi would be proud.

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