MobbDeen: Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y, Live and in Concert

Deen’s original draft was written in psychedelic fonts. So the long-awaited sequel to How Fly is finally here. And it’s more or less what you’d expect: a pleasant, competent and...
By    April 22, 2013

Deen’s original draft was written in psychedelic fonts.

So the long-awaited sequel to How Fly is finally here. And it’s more or less what you’d expect: a pleasant, competent and occasionally excellent collection of songs about the lifestyles they lead. If I have to spell out what these two are rapping about in this space – at this point in time – for your benefit – then you should probably close the tab and go self-harm or something. God doesn’t make rocks THAT big for anyone to hide under. Not since the pyramids. What? That was done by slaves? Or aliens? Whatever. I’m sure they were both created in the image of God.

It’s nice to hear Wiz return to rapping about banging other people’s pussy again. He kinda took an extended break from that topic once he got exposed to and impregnated the vagina that inspired that overrated Kanye album from 2010. It was kinda astounding how quickly he abandoned that highly insulting and entertaining line of brag rap once he got hitched. I thought we’d lost him forever, but thankfully Currensy is still around to be a bad influence and Wiz is happily retreading old tropes again. Excellent.

As far as sequels go, I can’t decide how Live In Concert compares to How Fly– not yet at least. The fellas definitely retained their penchant for just letting the beats marinate either before or after rapping. I appreciate that kinda shit for no real reason. On the other hand, there isn’t a single real hook to be found. I don’t mind per se, because the rapping is interesting enough – particularly from Spitta – but you can’t help but notice it. I’d describe this development as “lazy,” but if reknowned stoners can’t slack off then who the fuck can? The same sentiments apply to the length of the project – essentially a 6-song EP. Beats a meandering double figure tracklist in my book, especially if you’re gonna be talking about the same shit over and over again. Brevity in music. I support it.

The production is certainly more consistent. Spitta and Wiz basically walked in on some producer going through his jazz/fusion/bossa nova discovery stage and rapped over a bunch of simple ass loops and vocal samples from a bunch of classic sample sources that oughta be familiar to the nerdier among us. Off top, I’m hearing them go in over the same Bobbi Humphrey loop DJ Premier used for the Intro to Bahamadia’s “Kollage.” Given that Bahamadia never actually rhymed on that shit, I’m pleased that this happened. I’m also guessing that further research will reveal other names like Donald Byrd and whichever Brazilian nigga’s music I’m combining with cachaca to get some classy woman’s panties off that week.

Oh and I suppose Medium Sean not being anywhere on this shit is a huge bonus – because… well because fuck that guy. Sean appeared on few random Wiz + Spitta tracks rumored to be part of the “How Fly 2″ sessions a while ago. The songs weren’t bad and I don’t have too many issues with Medium Sean’s existence, but that nigga kinda killed the vibe on those songs. He sounds more comfortable rapping about “asstates” alongside his GOOD Music cohorts than just chilling out with Wiz and Spitta. It’s about restraint mane. That’s some shit you CAN’T really be about when you associate with a nigga that rocks leather kilts and includes outsourced, 7-minute long comedic rants about disloyal pussy on a retail album.

So let’s just say we have a win here. Even if I’m beginning to suspect that I put more work into this ramble than Wiz and Spitta put into this project. I’m not complaining though. I just wish I could be more like these fellas and do more drugs more often. Or that I didn’t skip lunch today.


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