April 23, 2013

While the entire world is already preparing their Daft Punk robot costumes for October, Classixx are low-key about to drop a dazzling blend of disco, early 90s house, and a little Prince on Innovative Leisure next month. Hanging Gardens has that same equipoise of groove, pop sensibilities and nostalgia, just on a balanced budget. So instead of Pharrell and Nile, there is Nancy Whang, formerly of LCD Soundsystem. “All You’re Waiting For” is the second end-to-end burner to leak from the record. You can pick apart the parts of the song, the steel drums that come in for a few bars, the vocals that fade in and out, the hook, the piano house breakdown and the final build. But you only notice them if you’re being overly analytical. This might not be exactly what you’re waiting for, but it’s what you want.



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