Inspired by a last minute cancellation and the enduring reality that all rappers are lead singers (and most have lead singer syndrome), the latest episode of Shots Fired features myself, Nocando, and our guests Open Mike Eagle and Taurus Scott talking about rappers who live on their own time, how fame effects a rapper’s ego, and why conscious rappers sometimes have the worst case of lead singer syndrome. Plus, Taurus tells us about his time working with G-Unit, Open Mike Eagle shares lead singer syndrome stories from touring, and Nocando tells us about a rapper who had a meltdown while on tour in New Mexico. If you want to call and ask us inane or incisive questions about hip-hop, life, or what strip clubs are the best internationally (Nocando’s terrain) leave it for us at (424) 216-6230.

Nocando also has a new rap song called “All Over a Bitch.” Production courtesy of Thavius Beck. I am far from critically agnostic, but it might be my favorite thing that he’s dropped in a minute. A banger that anyone can relate to, if that anyone has gotten small dogs, joined Scientology, or compromised themselves in the name of love (no U2). I once had a girlfriend who insisted that I wear plush V-Neck sweaters. This lasted until the first time that I wore one to a house party and a friend mocked me savagely. That is the definition of a good friend. The moral of the story is never wear plush V-Neck sweaters if you are not about that cashmere life.

The episode and new music from Nocando and Taurus below the jump.

MP3: Shots Fired, Episode 26: Lead Singer Syndrome ft. Open Mike Eagle & Taurus Scott

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