With the mental acuity and punishing physical prowess of Kevin Sorbo in his prime, the new episode of Shots Fired addresses the “What If scenario.” Consider it part Sliders, part Plot Against America, part Earth-2. It looks at the ways in which rap history would be different if the space-time continuum had been altered in any way. Our guests were Alex Pappademas, a staff writer for Grantland, and one of the best pop culture writers extant, and Intuition, the LA-rapper who you might remember from the greatness that was “Al Bundy.

In other news, Nocando and I have also set up a hotline (eerily similar to the Jose Canseco hotline) to take any questions that you might have. We will answer them on-air, with minimal seriousness. The telephone number, the MP3 and the episode description are below the jump — along with Intuition’s latest video. Special thanks to Doc Zeus, Max Bell, and Trey Kerby for helping to think up some of these scenarios.

“Rapper/podcaster Intuition & Grantland writer Alex Pappademas join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to talk about what if scenarios. They talk about what if Biggie were still alive, The D.O.C. never damaged his larynx, Death Row signed Freestyle Fellowship, Ice Cube never left N.W.A, rappers get into performing musicals, Max B never went to jail, Big Pun were still alive, 50 Cent never got shot 9 times, RZA’s basement in Staten Island did not flood, and 2pac were still alive. Plus, Jeff & Nocando take a look at DMX reuniting with his son. Be sure to call and ask us questions at (424) 216-6230.”

MP3: Shots Fired, Episode 25 – “What If” w/ Guests Alex Pappademas & Intution”

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