May 2, 2013

Deen was born in a palace.

Just as I was lamenting the absence of anything new and awesome I felt like writing about, my favorite bright-skin rapper decided to drop a collaboration with the Rap Game Underutilized New Mason Betha. Or in other words, Robb Banks just dropped a song with Sir Michael Rocks. And it’s every bit as disrespectful as you’d expect it to be. After all, light skin niggas been showing out a lot lately – word to the Shot Gawd Steph Curry.

It’s been a solid minute since I’ve heard anything outta Banks. Unfortunate given how enthused I was to discover his first bunch of songs on his solo mixtape Calendars and as part of the duo Tuesday Thru Sunday. I heard a guest verse or two and I think I may have seen something about him becoming affiliated with SpaceGhostPurrp and RaiderKlan, but that’s been about it for almost a year now. An eternity these days.

I can shelve my sads now. This is good. Not his best work, but it’s good. As good as one can expect from a pair of two of his favorite rappers if The Alchemist isn’t doing the production. Speaking of which, the production is probably the star on “Practice,” which just so happens to be the polar opposite of the last light skin nigga song that was titled “Practice” – you know, the one that almost ruined Juvenile for an entire generation of real niggas. Anyway, this beat from Nuri (shouts to my suspected fellow fake pork prohibitionist) sounds like a more muscular take on that cloud rappy shit that Clams Casino got half-famous for and I’m all the way for here for ethereal and submerged noises smothered all over hard ass drums.

Mikey Rocks tends to get my attention so long as the production is solid and while that’s the case here, he’s ultimately a bit anonymous and the face of said production and Banks’ snarling intensity. Mikey shoulda saved that pretty boy shit for a Camp Lo collaboration or sum’n. Again, this ain’t Banks best work but you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for should you choose to climb aboard the arrogant bright skin bandwagon: the aforementioned arrogance, him borrowing your bitch, him beating fuckbois up, dick jokes, wealth brags, drug using, drug dealing, tastelessly hilarious punchlines, cartoon references and unwarranted laughter at all that shit. It’s all here, even if he’s not enunciating as clearly as I recall.

Anyway, “Practice” is supposed to be on his next project, Tha City. I’m officially excited. Pause. Now lemme go get these tweets and texts out so I can practice later this evening…


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