Let’s be unequivocal: there is no way to top “Love Sosa.” No matter whether you love or hate Chief Keef, it invalidates every argument you can have against his rise. Yes, most of his raps sound like he’s speaking drillvish. Yes, he’s about as lyrical as a Bazooka Joe comic. But he is as efficient and subtle as a bazooka. I’m glad we live in an era where a kid like Chance the Rapper can come up and not immediately need to exist as Keef’s counterpoint.

You can also probably unleash spiteful chants at a white dude who used to make drum and bass making his own trapey remix of “Love Sosa.” But I once saw RL Grime and Salva’s remix of “Mercy” detonate a silent disco. It was weird and unsettling and made me thankful for the existence of drugs. But it also got heavy airplay on Power 106 and was appreciated by an audience without liberal arts degrees. I suspect Grime’s “Love Sosa” remix will be similarly anthemic. Just please never use the word EDM around me or this or anywhere. It ruins everything.

RL Grime – “Love Sosa” Remix (Left-Click)

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