May 15, 2013


I will accept no slick talk about Salva remixing “Like Whaa.” Unlike most of the people listening to it on LA radio, Salva first heard this on the I’m Bout It soundtrack. Like his work on “Mercy,” he’s achieved the highest possible achievement in that the remix can play in both clubs full of day-glo tanktop bros and tabernacles of miscellaneous ratchetdom. Synergy.

He strips the track of most of the raps, save for a few phrases. Lots of space with which to throw uppercuts or awkward arms akimbo dance moves. Bonus points for keeping the Volume 10 “pistol grip pump” reference. Salva understands how to tie LA the state to LA the city. After all, he was a rapper and hip-hop DJ for most of his professional life. You can mock the white trap thing all you want. Don’t lump Salva in with the Dillon come latelys. This comes from the sort of artist who understands both lanes better than almost any producer out right now. Young Bleed would approve.

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