For our latest foolhardy adventure in the world of semi-professional talking, myself and Nocando welcomed Wax onto Shots Fired. If you’re unfamiliar with the Maryland-raised, LA-based rapper, he used YouTube to build himself into an indie-rap star and leveraged his fanbase and skill into a a deal with Def Jam. As most major label deals go, they wanted him to wear all leather and write pop-rap songs and so on. Even Y.G. couldn’t get his album released on that label and Y.G. is more loved in LA than the Lakers and Dodgers at this point. But Wax is getting the best revenge possible. After he left Def Jam, Warner Bros. Europe came calling and turned his song “Rosana” into a #1 single in Austria (it’s also top 10 in several other European countries). Naturally, it’s one of the songs that Def Jam passed on. So it goes. The episode description is below the jump, along with the episode, along with several Wax videos. Even if you hate rap music, you will want to watch “Rosana.” You’ll see.

“Rapper, producer, and all around internet entity Wax joins MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to talk about having a number one hit in Europe with his song “Rosana,” the phenomenon of being big in another country, and the truth behind making something go viral. Be sure to get a copy of Jeff’s new book “2pac vs. Biggie: An Illustrated History of Rap’s Greatest Battle,” check out Nocando’s mixtape “Tits ‘N Explosions” at, and fire shots of your own by calling us at (424) 216-6230!”

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