May 16, 2013

Everything amazing and asinine about Ricardo Morales is contained in this video, short of off-putting references to all the Adolfs. You have the needless intro where Gunplay flexes his Vincent Chase in Medellin Spanish. You also have lines like “I asked the pastor, what’s the fastest way to heaven for a bastard/With a tarnished past, give me your honest answer/With all this Hannah Montana, without the Arm and Hammer/Am I going to get the slammer or the casket?”

It might be his most powerful verse aside from “Cartoons & Cereal.” There are those who think he’s one-dimensional and that would be a logical assumption considering his subject matter rarely extends beyond street shit. But if you go beyond the Human Bath Salt antics, you start to realize that there is fear and regret and a sense of doom. Most of the time, it’s sublimated and Gunplay would prefer to ride and/or act like a roller coaster. And most of the time, this seems like the most sensible and sane response to modernity.

601 & Snort below the dash if you were skeptical up until this point.

ZIP: Gunplay – 601 & Snort (Left-Click)

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