June 10, 2013


Ricardo Morales rocking the V for Vendetta eyebrows on the cover of Acquitted. This is inevitably an homage and acknowledgment to the familial ties between Aubrey Graham and the roster that Rozay built.

This is what you have come to expect from Gunplay. 10 gracious melodies, lullabies to sooth the savage beasts and instill essential values in America’s youth. After all, Morales and “morals” are only one letter apart. On first listen, this might not match his previous coke opus (cokepus?) 601 & Snort, which is my favorite Gunplay mixtape, probably due to his decision to murk Only Built 4 Cuban Linx instrumentals. However, he remains a forceful and volatile rapper with one of the best voices in recent memory. That is all you really need. He also says the rhyme: jumping out the beaker, running down the tea cup. I may have misheard this, but I don’t want to believe otherwise. As such, I’m going to spend the rest of the day imagining alternate world scenarios of Gunplay in Alice in Wonderland, commiserating with the caterpillar. The hookah is ripe for a comeback.

ZIP: Gunplay – Acquitted (Left-Click)

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