May 17, 2013

artworks-000048216520-4hob6n-cropNo excuses to ignore Jonwayne. The sandal-sporting savage has made it his mission to murk everything before him in 2013. You liked Madvillain and Edan? This is what those influences produced. What makes it original is that Wayne takes the ideas and spirit rather than the specific sound. So the layered punchlines and syllable practice are here, so is the omnivorous crate-digging mentality, and the caveman in winter hunger. This is the sound of an all-pro offensive lineman pushing back and flattening that every rusher than enters the room.

This was originally a Pusha T song that was recently revamped by now-ex Stones Throw Julian Malone. They all do Don Cannon’s beat justice, but Wayne has no sympathy. He’s putting people in 7th inning stretchers. Fucking up people with laves. He’s “got demons, in fact I eat with them/they’re the ones who told me that I needed more seasoning.” No more seasoning needed. Catch your breathe and play this on loop. If you don’t make the “whoop” noise when the Jay-Z sample taken from the intro to In My Lifetime Vol. 1 comes in, you are not invested in rap the way I am.

Because Jonwaye cares, he also dropped an ambient mix this week, so you can nap after “Numbers on the Hoard” makes you feel like a Hun.

ZIP: Jonwayne — Daytime Naps (Left-Click)

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