Vic-Mensa-Orange-Soda-VideoTosten Burks prefers root beer.

I don’t think Vic Mensa thought his best friend would blow up before him. There’s just something about the way he goons around backstage at Chance shows waiting to spit his Cocoa Butter Kisses verse, not smiling, not really dancing, not even during the obligatory all-of-SaveMoney-wilds-out-on-stage moments. He’s still getting comfortable with entering people’s minds as a sidekick.

Good news for Vic: his time is coming. He just has to let the Acid Rap blog cycle ride out before the Innanet blog cycle has room to breathe. “Orange Soda” is a friendly reminder that when it does land, the self-declared “Silk the Shocka with a fifth of vodka/Bag of drugs in my knickerbockers,” will do just fine.

The verses are slippery and vivid – products of equal enthusiasm for spoken word and Gucci Mane – and the hook is simple and endearingly rough-draft. The video, thankfully, is joyous. It doesn’t matter that the song has nothing to do with orange soda. If the only reason for the song title is an excuse to chill in orange inflatable rooftop furniture, pay tribute to Keenan and Kel, and fill up an Illadelph with Fanta ice cubes, that’s more than valid.

Don’t let Vic stop crushing Crush, because this is the happiest we’ve seen him since Kids These Days broke up. As long as he doesn’t let the chip on his shoulder hold him down ala “Did it B4,” Vic will be just fine.

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