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Remember that one time you left your favorite baseball cap in the back of that taxi? You were pissed — particularly since you knww that damn cabbie was eyeing your fitted,snapback, or porkpie, the moment you stepped into his ride. Multiply that by a million, and you might begin to feel like producer extraordinaire Shigeto must have when his laptop was jacked at an NYC show last year. As the criminally slept upon Ghostly International star is quick to point out, he “learned about backing up the hard way.” Fortune being fickle, Zach Saginaw was able to recover two tracks which he’s decided to share with the world via his Sound Cloud.

Featuring Brandon Mitchell aka MC Kadence and Carlos Garcia aka L05, the two jams are laid back and mellow. As incredible as they are, Shi “felt they didn’t sit right for my next album and stood alone.”

I can’t tell if I’m more grateful to Shigeto for these keyboard grooves or more pissed off at the ogre who made off with his music. If there’s an entire album’s worth of similar stuff floating around out there, we’re poorer for not being able to hear it. Since pent-up frustration is bad for one’s chakras, I’ve decided to take the clearly Zen producer’s advice: “do whatever you do to relax, sit back, turn up and enjoy.

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