July 8, 2013

artworks-000048448837-thpxmn-cropChris Daly is also a fan of the song, “Semi:Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket.

Jungle: sparse, almost minimal, beat production. A seemingly intimate knowledge of the naughty bits of late night funk. Cloudy synths shrouded in late night ennui. Ghostly vocals sung at 4:30 a.m. A decidedly non-croissant fetching vibe. While this concoction is recipe enough for repeated listens on my headphones, Brit collective Jungle clearly saw they had a potential hit on their hands and decided to take “Jungle” to viral levels by throwing six-year-old break dancer extraordinaire B-Girl Terra into the video groove (see below the jump).

At that age, I seem to recall trying to perfect tying my shows. Now this munchkin has upped the game, meaning I have to teach my two year old the Electric Boogaloo to maintain his online superstar standing.

The 7″ comes out July 15 on Rough Trade. Only 500 copies will be pressed. Etc.


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