c39f6be88917b6082d8f05782ba06c33While Major Lazer monopolizes attention about collaborations between Jamaica and the United States, there are far more interesting things occurring — and I’m not just talking about Mavado getting to sing a hook on French Montana’s album. Over the last few months, Duppy Gun, the label run by Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras has been dropping a stream of singles that blur the lines between contemporary bass music, dub, dancehall, and R&B. If this were centered in New York, it would probably be garnering feverish hype, considering this sounds like the direction you hoped the Dirty Projectors would flee towards. Or maybe all it needs is the co-sign of America’s favorite Blackberry endorser. I suppose what I’m trying to articulate is that this is at least as good as that Amber Coffman-Major Lazer song that had everyone bugging

Fiyah Flames’ frontwoman is Jodian Gordan, a schoolteacher from Spanishtown, Jamaica. Her mentors are The Congos, so her lineage traces back to some of the greatest singers the island ever produced. The beat for “What Would You Say About Me” comes courtesy of Low End Theory producer, Matthewdavid. Whereas geography and taste should make this an awkward collaboration, it’s surprisingly smooth futuristic R&B that blends every sound listed above. Whether you prefer Ciara and Future or Lee Perry or Diplo’s island-hopping dance music, this is one of those songs that can bridge the gap. In order to work, it had to.

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