Peter Holslin wears a wizard hat to work

When archeologists of the future set out to make sense of today’s enormous data piles, they might be puzzled by “In My World,” the title track off of L.A. beatmaker Matthewdavid’s forthcoming album on Brainfeeder (out July 1). A laid-back soul jam of delay-infused drums, rippling glitch textures and melodiously proportioned vocal lines, it sounds like it’s been warped after sitting out in the California sun for 1,000 years. But, of course, the decay isn’t the result of natural causes so much as the patient tinkering of Matthewdavid himself.

An undergraduate majoring in Cultural Studies would have a field day with this track: You could write a whole thinkpiece examining the tune’s hyperreal vinyl crackle through the lens of Baudrillard’s simulacrum. But if “In My World” is ripe for thought-provoking investigation, it’s also just a really beautiful song, riding on warm vibes and universal themes. Though the “world” of the song’s title is a cosmic one—with the singer at one point beckoning a lady friend to join him in “outer space”—the song’s message of sweet, sweet lovin’ transcends space and time.

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