June 19, 2013

Max Bell is pictured inside the gas station.

For their next proper release, Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun have decided to go with another apt title, one describes both their approach to making music and their position in the rap game: DiveHiFlyLo. In other words, they know they make “hi” quality music that may “fly lo,” below the radar of most casual hip-hop listeners.

The string of A.Dd+ loosies of late have been better and better. From the marching band backed love note that is “Thank You Dallas” to the laid-back, muted blues of “Can’t You See,” it’s clear these two are in the zone. But it’s also evident that they have yet to reconcile their feelings about how their music has been received. They are thankful for the support (“Thank You Dallas”), yet still wondering why there isn’t more of it (“Can’t You See”).

Their latest Soundcloud offering, “Where You Been?” is perhaps their best track to date, as well as their most definitive statement with respect to their feelings about fans, acclaim, etc.

Produced by the peerless DJ Burn One, who executive produced Scotty ATL’s rock solid Faith tape (review potentially forthcoming), the latest A.Dd+ single is smooth, understated slice of Southern funk drizzled with syrup. Or something. It’s for playing on late night trips to the store as much as it is for headphones and “a blunt full of loud.” Lyrically, this is autobiography done right. Rhymes are spit in the pocket with as much emotion and double-time as need be. For those new to the Gravy and Pershun, the screwed hook is self-explanatory: “If you ain’t fuck with me then, don’t fuck with me now.” Though I’d still advise you to “fuck with them” regardless.



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