Kenny Dennis is indomitable but generous. He is the type to spot a young boy at the Sharper Image around Christmastime and bestow him with a AM/FM shower radio. “A GOOD PIECE OF EQUIPMENT.”  Yes, he might be up in arms over a faulty fog-less shaving mirror, but he is a man who demands high functioning machinery. A connoisseur of fine chops, non-alcoholic beers, and American Gladiators.

If this video leaves you perplexed, read Nate Patrin’s excellent Pitchfork review of the Kenny Dennis LP.  I weighed in a long time ago in the KDz critical appraisal.  What makes this series so brilliant is that the world seems infinite, completely logical, absurd, and weirdly poignant. He has built his own Parks & Rec starring Kenny as the Ron Swanson of rap –complete with the stache and lust for red meat. The new record includes Ders from Workaholics, who plays himself, but with an alternate world backstory of his long friendship with his idol, Kenny Dennis. The drama unfolds at a Ruth Chris steakhouse on Kenny’s 50th Birthday. There are American Gladiators present and unexplained disappearances.

A few more Geti tracks below the jump because even in July, you should have a Christmas.

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