July 8, 2013

JayZ_MagnaCartaHolyGrail_608x608Slava P owns several old New York Posts that once belonged to Dash Snow.

Holy Grail feat. Justin Timberlake
Unneeded Justin
and Nirvana additions
stamped through randomly

Picasso Baby
A new sound, a new
tax bracket. Humblebrag that
Beyonce fucks good

Tom Ford
Make a molly song
by shunning molly on hook.
However, beat slaps.

FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt feat. Rick Ross
Sean hates grammar more
than Rick Ross hates Reebok shoes.
Passport stamp rap song.

Oceans feat. Frank Ocean
Jay picks pricey threads
as Frank describes a Dali.
Pharrell is trolling.

In case you missed it:
the rise from rags to riches,
told through song … again

Somewhere in America
Instagram, Miley,
threats of crashing internets.
Get off Jay-Z’s lawn.

Distorted rhythms
housing a God complex and
econo-Ye hooks

R.E.M sighting
cements the street cred, lyrics
are oddly on-point.

A short interlude
with a beat fit for Austin
Powers end credits

Part 2 (On The Run) feat. Beyonce
Just because you put
a ring on it, doesn’t mean
she gets to ruin songs

Beach Is Better
Another sampler
with Jay complaining about
his own private beach.

BBC feat. Nas
Samsung Brothers and
Nas sing a song about how
money’s cool. And Nas.

Jay-Z Blue
A raw confession
about raising a woman.
Big revived for this??

La Familia
A lukewarm tribute
to loyalty, royalty.
Rich background music.

Nickles and Dimes
Sampling a singer
that Gwyneth put you on to.
The drug dealer’s way.

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