July 11, 2013

7346c262e9bc11e2b1c722000a1fba7b_7This photo screams for a caption contest. That’s what the comment section is for. As for me, I’m suffering from an overdose of Jay Jean Michael this week, what with my review at MTV Hive and the latest episode of Shots Fired. This one was originally supposed to feature Aceyalone, but there was a communication breakdown and we had to reschedule. Soon enough. But if I’m going to invoke Led Zep lyrics again, Nocando and I rambled on about Magna Carta, Jay-Z’s career, and as always, I find a way to slip in some sort of anecdote about drug use and Baton Rouge. The odds makers in Vegas weren’t happy.

I’m also posting “Dead Presidents III” below the jump, because I think it’s a necessary palate cleanser for the horror that was Jay-Z’s Modern Art fiasco yesterday in New York. I honestly can’t even bring myself to write more words about it. It’s awkward and weird and I’m struggling to reconcile how Jay was one of my favorite rappers from 96-03 and it has devolved into this. Maybe my dad is right: aging is a motherfucker.

Also, call in and fire shots or ask questions. If not, I’m going to turn this into a Big Sean fan site. (424) 216-6230.

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