August 27, 2013


A reminder that the ratchet cities were Shreveport and Baton Rouge before the Miley and molly crowds stole it like Prometheus untwerked. Max Minelli is a BR legend and the backstory has already been articulated here. If you know his catalogue, he has plenty of searing tears for the fallen songs, trunk rattlers to ride around to, and of course, savage go dumb club songs. This is one of those. No other city has dedicated more songs to not having feelings than Baton Rouge. Weirdly enough, few cities have rappers who express their feelings more strongly. Gates, Boosie, Max, etc. Contradictions are a motherfucler.

Below the jump, I’m also posting “Pop Lock,” the new video from Racked Up Ready, that will also come in very handy if you’re planning on plotting an assassination this afternoon.

MP3: Max Minelli – “Get Out Yo Feelins”

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