Fratercula arcticaIf you’ve been paying attention to the last half-dozen episodes of Shots Fired, the only podcast to offer advice on how to adopt a puffin, you might notice that we’ve steered away from the one episode, one topic approach. There are only so many ways you can break down the history of independent rap and find a way to mention Edan, Kevin Gates, and Juicy J in the same sentence. And yet, I seem to do this every episode. It’s a gift but mostly a curse.

For the 45, Nocando and I had on Busdriver and Nobody, two of the most important artists of the LA experimental music world over the last decade. So we talked about puffins, Lil Wayne’s new mixtape, Juicy J’s writing process, incidental rappers, street DVDs, and Lil B’s Bitch Mob. Only the most important shit. As always, I am posting various forms of media (including the podcast) below the jump because it is important that every second of your day is wasted on content funneled by this site.  We’re aiming to be the CNN for all your puffin-rap and adopt-a-puffin related stories. Some call it stunting, others call it consideration. Trap Lord in stores now (along with Nobody’s Vivid Green).

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