6942653059_327d8697e2_zThe episode is called “Guns and Monsters” because our guests were Pistol McFly and Snubnose Frankenstein. Two young rappers named after violent weapons who are both very good human beings. But that’s on the low-low. As is the mission of Shots Fired, we had them on the program to try to get them to play their new unreleased music and talk shit about most facets of the music industry. We discussed Gucci Mane’s insane rant, answered some shots that were fired, discussed Atlanta rap, 2 Chainz and the new Eminem song that no one likes. There was a lot more, but you will have to listen to 90 minutes of “zany” banter to know all of it. And how can you not be intrigued to hear zany banter on a pre-taped podcast. Exactly.

The podcast and music from both of our guests below the jump. No need for Kevlar.

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