Nobody, Nocando, and the ethereal disembodied falsetto of Baths take a trip to the beach, smoke some seaweed, scream “Free Max B,” and invoke Aztec Gods, in the video for the single from Vivid Green that Chris Daly already vivisected. Essential listening if you’ve ever wondered how to turn a snorkel into a “water pipe.”

On a separate whim, the other half of the greatest podcast known to manatees (and puffins) opted to flip Atmosphere’s “Denvermolorado.” Complete with nostalgia for Parisian trips, eight year old Lexuses, and imported beers. This is the sensitive side to James McCall banned from the air and old-time battle rap competitions. However, “C’est La Vie” feels appropriate over a Slug song and will inevitably touch the minds and souls of every one of our readership who has been inside a Le Bon Marche. It’s below the jump, alongside a remix of “UOENO” that Nocan dropped three months ago that fittingly, I did not know about.

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