artworks-000057907619-dpqzn8-t500x500Adam Wray will sell you a flux capacitator for the right price.

Four Tet aka Kieran Hebden is on one hell of a run. Since mid 2011, he’s been releasing a steady stream of original tunes, remixes, and collaborations that have cemented him as one of dance music’s most consistent and inventive producers. He’s one of its busiest, too: in the past couple years he’s put out a full-length, worked with Burial and Thom Yorke, produced an Omar Souleyman record, remixed Justin Timberlake, all the while keeping up a touring schedule and managing his TEXT imprint. He’s also found time to record another LP, Beautiful Rewind, due for imminent release.

“Parallel Jalebi,” the second track we’ve heard from the record, is a stunner. Built on stuttering chords and a lithe, choppy R&B vocal, it skips the formal experimentation of “Kool FM” and aims straight for the dance floor. Midway through, Hebden stalls the track, briefly isolating the vocals, then rebuilds it. It’s these little touches that make Hebden’s tunes so expressive – almost cinematic. “Parallel Jalebi” has a strong sense of movement and speed. If you ever find yourself riding shotgun in an hovercar cresting the Brooklyn Bridge at 400mph, you’ve already got your soundtrack.

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