September 25, 2013


The Migos pull out all the stops in their video for “Chinatown,” save for a cameo from Manny Pacquiao as the plug that looks like Pacquiao. It could also use the white boy holding the ice popsicles. The bando is the restaurant from Rush Hour. The Grauman’s Chinese gets the inclusion even though it’s six miles from LA’s Chinatown. Look, Migos aren’t ones for factual accuracy. They drink sake with their shrimp fried rice. But they are one for ferocious energy and excellent rapping. The latter is a point of contention among people who like to call into Shots Fired to tell me that I only advocate for inane fool rap rather than J Cole and Drake. But Drake Seagal stole the “Versace” flow wholesale for a track on his album. How many of your new favorite rappers came up with an instantly recognizable and effective flow? That alone is a point for originality, even if you are tired of trap.

There is nothing to think too hard about this, but every time I hear Chinatown, I leap out of my seat, start doing jumping jacks and making arm dances that look like a conductor. I scoop a few albino diamonds and start throwing cheap fireworks off my balcony at the kids at the Junior High across the street. There are problems with “Chinatown:” the enforcing of cheap racial stereotypes and the inability to find a Karaoke bar in Chinatown that will let me rap “Chinatown” — all three parts so you know it’s real. However, these are minor flaws. This is very fun music  in the way that playing with Johnny Cage was very fun. I want a sequel where Migos go to Chinatown for the FYF Festival. It’s a sitcom waiting to happen. In the meantime, someone needs to give Migos their own pagoda as a present.



ZIP:  Migos – Young Rich Niggas (Left-Click)

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