Son Raw‘s got a lighter up in the air.

I have no idea what Guido’s been doing for the past few years. Reaching level 99 in every single Final Fantasy game in the series? Watching too much Anime? Arguing with Joker about the merits of mauve? Who knows, but thankfully, the wait is over and he’ll be returning with his sophomore album this November – for those who don’t remember, his debut Anidea is probably one of the single best examples of Dubstep’s bass weight colliding with Pop melody without sacrificing either side of the equation and his followers were prone to do. Green Eyed Monster, the first single off Moods of Future Joy, is a strong return to form; familiar enough to assuage any fears of trend-hopping but updated for 2013 with  a great vocal turn from Emma-Lou. Guido still makes the most colorful music to emerge from the usually blackened quarters of Bristol and this a fantastic example of pop futurism that doesn’t lean on 80s nostalgia for inspiration, talking bass and acid flourishes be damned. I’ll take this over Chvrches.


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