October 3, 2013

Son Raw can’t be boxed in.

How can you tell if a Pirate Radio show is relevant? Well if the 90% of the Twitter shout outs are to producers huddling in front of their radios to hear new tunes and the other 10% are me, chances are you’ve hit a winner. Last Sunday’s Boxed takeover on Rinse FM was one of those essential sessions with the night’s four residents splitting 2 hours between the to show off Grime’s range.

I’m running out of ways to praise the genre and Danny Brown has been doing my job for me, but suffice to say that between hyped up rap beats (Oil Gang), weird synth experiments (Slackk), weirder synth experiments (Logos) and experimental funk (Mr Mitch), there’s plenty of variety to go around. I’m also including Slackk’s monthly mix and a one-off for Sonic Router because clearly he’s got a surplus of tunes to share. And it don’t stop…

MP3: Oil Gang X Slackk X Logos X Mr Mitch – Boxed Rinse FM Takeover

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