Brad Beatson brought the balloons.

Whether it be producing “Grown Up” for Danny Brown or the critically-acclaimed Blue Chips with fellow Queens native Action Bronson, Party Supplies has been making some of the best recent hip hop production. You hear traces of “Grown Up” in “A Perfect Life,” but boom bap is nowhere to be found on Tough Love. Instead Justin Nealis and Sean Mann treat us to electro-pop melodies and dance rhythms that don’t inspire twerking.

The film Drive prides itself on cool 80’s aesthetic and Tough Love serves as a musical analogue. Neon keys and soupy vocals barely stay afloat amidst the guitar riffs and synths.  The result is fantastically pleasant pop music for nearly any occasion. “Working Out” triggered my memory of Danger Mouse and James Mercer’s Broken Bells and “Going Back To New York” recalls their early days, like a much more polished Pretty Lights cut.

Over Labor Day Weekend, Party Supplies was tasked with working the difficult daytime slot at label Fool’s Gold’s Day Off concert. A few short blocks from Justin’s apartment off Bedford, they took the stage and I was in attendance. The crowd turnout was poor due to the rain and most were awaiting Been Trill in their single-word snapbacks and spike adorned cutoffs. But there was an undeniable pulse that came from the duo on stage and if you looked around you could see that most were nodding their heads, swaying their hips or tapping their feet. It’s safe to say with a few more live shows under their belt they’ll be on there way to a stage show much like that of Chromeo’s. Unfortunately, the biggest cheers came when Justin shouted out a ceaselessly head-nodding Action Bronson who was rocking out backstage for their entire set.  Blue Chips 2 will be released the first rainy day in November. Until then, enjoy memories of a summer breeze with Tough Love.


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