October 29, 2013

Everyone’s going to be at Fabric and Son Raw is just sitting here in Canada.

Parris is a name I’d seen thrown around with Wen, Moleskin, Rabit, Beneath and other up and coming DJs at the periphery of Grime/UK music’s new wave, but without a release or even much completed work on his Soundcloud page, I hadn’t had much reason to check for his music. No more: his showcase for Keysound might go down as this year’s most surprising debut mixes, one displaying a  dedication to space and darkness that I hadn’t seen in a hot minute.

In the accompanying interview, Blackdown plays devil’s advocate and asks if this stuff isn’t simply slowed down Dubstep, but even if it is, it’s a strong reminder of how powerful that genre’s ideas were before getting diluted by mainstream concessions. There’s no track list included, but I recognize a couple of essential Wen dubplates and an E.M.M.A tune, with every other track attaining similarly high standards. Get familiar: not many new DJs craft mixes as mission statements in an era of constant streaming, but this is 49 minutes of music worth returning to.

MP3: Parris DJ mix for Blackdownblog (left click to site)


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