Doo Wop - Halloween Candy

Harold Stallworth refuses to be a bounce apprentice.

Doo Wop will always be my personal favorite mixtape curator. He’s the missing link between DJ Clue and Kid Capri, priding himself on exclusives but never at the expense of a flawless mix. In his heyday, he would impose his will using well-timed, echoey voice-overs that always came across like tour guide commentary rather than barks from a drill sergeant. Remarkably, after all these years, Doo Wop still has the midas touch.

You would expect his latest Halloween-themed mixtape to feature the likes of Whodini and Dana Dane. But Halloween Candy is little more than a sly excuse to revisit the finest R&B-tinged rap and rap-tinged R&B the roaring 90’s and early aughts had to offer. It features New York City’s usual suspects: Big Pun, Lost Boyz, The Firm, Jay-Z, and of course, Puff Daddy’s inevitably jiggy kinsmen are peppered throughout. The Bouncemaster himself steals the show with his customary lead-in freestyle, wherein he accuses a former friend of betrayal to the tune of R Kelly’s “Your Body’s Calling.”

ZIP: DJ Doo Wop — Halloween Candy (Left-Click)


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