artworks-000064382934-l2saep-t500x500I host a podcast with the rapper of this song. Said podcast returns tomorrow. In the interim, after more delays than an Italian train line, Nocando’s Jimmy the Burnout drops on Feb. 4th. “Little Green Monsters” is a song about jealousy, with a title inspired by a Max B lyric. Liphemra handles the hook with haunted mansion eeriness. Nocando shouts out Slauson and South Central and the Bay, the locales where he wields dual citizenship. The rapping floats with the same Futuristic UFO technician mastery you expect from one of the best pure rappers the Blowed produced, the beat hangs with a permanent post-Def Jux synth brain electrocution — complete with an endorsement from Aesop Rock. If the aliens from the Halloween episodes of The Simpsons made a soundtrack to vaporize humans,  this is what they would be bumping.

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