BlackCaesarChris Daly is cold as ice yet unwilling to sacrifice.

Shit gets rough in the wintertime. You don’t need me to tell you that. Unless you’re living in some unnatural environment, there’s never enough sunlight, it’s colder than a battle rapper’s baby’s mama, and god damn if even your dog doesn’t seem to be pissier than usual. This is a mixtape for those who understand the above. Sympathy will only get you so far, though. The following tracks are intentionally cold blooded, from the laments of James Brown to the righteous indignation of Buddy Guy. I go heavy on the ‘70s blaxplotation icons and blues legends because that’s what a wintertime musical journey requires. To keep it contemporary, there’s some freezer burned hip-hop and more recent wailers in here, too, and then I end the fucker with Annie Goddamn Right Lennox because she most definitely knows what I’m going for here. No time for tears, kids. You’ll simply go blind with frostbitten peepers. Subzero tunes need to light an angry fire underneath your ass, lest you freeze it off waiting for the El. Stay warm, people.


ZIP: Passion of the Weiss Winter Mix #4 — Chris Daly’s “Cold Blooded”

1. The Boss, James Brown, Black Caesar
2. Trouble Man, Marvin Gaye, Trouble Man
3. May I Have a Talk With You, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Sky is Crying
4. Turnin’ Me Off, Slum Village ft. De La Soul, Dirty Slums
5. I Smell a Rat, Buddy Guy, Stone Crazy!
6. All Your Goodies Are Gone, Dennis Coffey ft. Mayer Hawthorne, Dennis Coffey
7. Nordic Wind, Action Bronson, Blue Chips
8. Chicago Wind, Adrian Younge, Black Dynamite
9. Born Under a Bad Sign, Albert King, Essential Blues Vol. 2
10. Ain’t No Sunshine, Michael Jackson, Got To Be There
11. Billie Jean, Aloe Black, Live in Studio (Stones Throw)
12. Cosmic Slop, Axiom Funk, Funkcronomicon
13. The Thrill is Gone, B.B. King, Three Decades of Blues
14. Sometimes Salvation, The Black Crowes, The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion
15. Grown So Ugly, The Black Keys, Rubber Factory
16. Cold, Annie Lennox, Diva

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