There’s the idyllic winter night in New York – Kevin McCallister reuniting with his mom under the Rockerfeller Center Christmas tree after thwarting Harry and Marv yet again – and then there’s reality: convincing yourself that that $9 burrito is worth braving the haunted wastes of Manhattan. When I’m facing wind that feels like it’s doing permanent damage to my face, I like to have something harsh in my headphones, so my winter mix is loud and percussive and unsmiling. It’s music for scaling Mount Doom or walking east on 13th Street. It gets a little dreary so I threw in some Macklemore as hidden bonus tracks.

Evan Nabavian

Tracklist and link below the jump.

ZIP: Winter Mix #5 – Evan Nabavian’s Mount Doom Mix


1. Jameszoo – Slaves Mass
2. Dirty Beaches – Aurevoir Mon Visage
3. Willie the Kid & Lee Bannon – Hickory Smoke
4. Madlib – Piano Garden
5. Gangrene – Not High Enough
6. Lee Bannon – L.I.R. (ft. Chuck Strangers)
7. Paul White – Divining Rod
8. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me
9. Beastie Respond – Syncopy (Blawan’s Trechter Mechanica)
10. Burial – NYC


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