jdilla1The Dilla deification can get a little over-the-top, so it takes something singular to get me to add more tinder to the fire. But the unflappable House Shoes (who I recently profiled for LA Weekly) comes up clutch once again with Volume 2 of his King James Mix Series. The latest edition blends the original records that Dilla sampled with typically creative vision. Says Shoes: [it goes] from jazz, to soul, to moog and electronica and more, this mix serves as a reminder to show how broad the range of music that inspired him was.” It’s also a reminder aspiring producers that the best way to honor the man’s memory is to dig deeper, go to the sources and try to find the original fossils before they became gasoline.

The mix and Shoes’ first King James mix are below the jump and you want them in your life unless you want to fall victim to the “Fuckboy Genocide.”

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