a0812405958_10Chris Daly has a pint of raw ether.

It’s been nearly six years since we last heard from Boston, Mass.-based Aether, not counting a label compilation here and there. And the dreamy beat producer is back with Solace, a 21-beat manifesto that takes its name seriously. While his debut, Artifacts, had a slightly more boom bap feel, with dusty samples and a more percussive groove, Solace is a warm cup of soup on a cloudy day. There’s nothing here to shake you out of your slumber, but that’s not to imply it will put you to sleep. This is atmospheric stuff, more in line with Teebs or Mecca:83 than it is with Flying Lotus or even Shlohmo

The man also known as Diego Chavez relies heavily on piano samples, creating a simultaneously retro and contemporary vibe. These beats are swathed in gauzy shades before being allowed into the nighttime sky. Highlight songs include the titular, opening track, the hazed beauty of “Chasing Light,” the forlorn majesty of “Eli,” and the late night malleability of “Culture Lust.” As his name suggests, Aether plays hard in the spaces in-between realms, a place where the breath of the gods gives function to the wonders of man. While any track on “Solace” is perfect for an after-after-hour mix, I recommend pushing play and letting the whole thing run its course to get the full picture that Chavez is painting. This is Bob Rossi for your ear holes and that’s a grand panorama.

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