gangsta-gangsta-thats-what-theyre-yelling-Its-not-about-a-salary-its-all-about-re-no-wait-it-is-about-a-salary1We’ve taped 67 episodes of Shots Fired now and this one is among my all-time favorites. Nocando and I were joined by Open Mike Eagle and author/comic D.C. Pierson, who are two of the funniest people that I know. So naturally, it lapsed into a very serious conversation about what it’s like to be a creative person in America of 2014. I think it’s still jocular and I don’t toss around the word “jocular” with wanton disregard (nor the word wanton for that matter).

If you make a living doing something that you love or have ever wanted to, this is the episode for you. If you’ve never checked out the D.C. Pierson, you should follow him on Twitter because he is hilarious. The episode is below the jump. Best heard with a glass of scotch, a glass pipe, and a delicious organic cage-free Zoloft to wash it down.

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