boosie_kidsAfter two months of freedom, it’s pretty clear that Boosie remains on his Jamal Crawford, still crafty and agile despite age, gravity, and common sense threatening to catch up to him. He is a special breed. Since I have a Boosie Jobu doll posted up on my mantle, it’s mandatory that I review all new Boosie songs. Over the last week, he leaked a pair. The first is “Heart of a Lion,” reputed to be a single from the forthcoming Touchdown to Cause Hell. By Boosie standards, it’s merely okay. After nearly a half decade in the pen, you deserve time to warm up. The concept is unfortunately pretty basic, so is the beat and the rapping is passionate but not Boosie at his most berserk. For what it’s worth, you could probably say the same about “Show the World,” which almost but doesn’t quite capture what makes Boosie singular (humor, pathos, voice capable of transforming into a switchblade at any given time, an immaculate fade).

If it were up to me (as all imperial decrees should be), the first real single back for Boosie, is “Wuda Cuda Shuda.” If you know anything about Boosie’s catalogue, he’s consistently at his greatest on other people’s tracks. Hence, his biggest hits being “Wipe Me Down” and “Independent.” Give him the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with people and his only mode is angel of death. Tity Boi gets off a few bars here and Mike Will’s beats shows excellence in the field of trap guillotining. But Boosie absolutely smashes this verse — all strength through hate. Dismissing doubters and fake friends. He’s one of those rappers who is at his best when he’s the underdog, the perpetually snubbed, struggling but still somehow on top. After all, you and I don’t get Boosie money.

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