Brad Beatson only dates girls in 5411 Reeboks

Classixx’ debut, Hanging Gardens, is about to enter its peak replay season. Thanks to Innovative Leisure, we’re treated with a remix EP dedicated to one of its finest cuts, “A Stranger Love.”

Push play and your party will pulse for 15 minutes straight. After the original, Salva reminds us why he’s one of the best DJs in a post-drop era, teasing the payoff to make the track groovier throughout. Next up is an extended take by the L.A. duo, De Lux, who channel David Byrne so well that you’d think St. Vincent would’ve hit them on WhatsApp by now. And then there’s the older RAC mix, that simultaneous blends imagery of the rainforest and a 7-story club in Praha, drunk on bass while avoiding all snakes.

If you get the chance, see all parties involved when they come to town this summer.

Classixx tour
Salva tour
De Lux tour
RAC tour

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