tumblr_ms25imJBro1qkoopko1_400Gif Season begins. This is the best Killa song since when? “I Used to Get it in Ohio?” “I Hate My Job?” Purple Haze? The formula is so obvious that we basically forgot it. All the floor length fur to A-Trak for reuniting the dapper triumvirate of Cam, Juelz, and Dame. A-Trak skins about a thousand chipmunks and the soul of the Heatmakerz to make this marvelous beat. So the moving parts are all poetry in motion. Cam walking through uptown in enough mink to make PETA scream. Juelz finding the confidence of his inner 18-year old that demanded the girl to “GET IN THE CAR.” Dame just being a glorious asshole, reminding you why him and Kanye were always cool.

This song is so good that it makes you look up people’s birthdates and realize that Cam is still younger than Juicy J. There is an alternate universe or maybe even this one where he can return and make it a hot summer. Juelz is still only 32, which is insane because he has been rapping since he left the womb. All Cam really has to do to be great is to be Cam. And these are the conditions that were needed. The only thing missing is a “Freakey” ad-lib, but that can always be added into post-production.

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