bass-drop Brad Beatson will bring it on because he thinks he can hang

The season finale of SNL with Andy Samberg and St. Vincent was packed with surprises and special guests. Some of the recent alumni stopped by (Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph) as well as Paul Rudd, Martin Short and 2Chainz. There was quite a bit of riffing on hip hop, with an opener focused on That Elevator Fight, a sketch about KimYe’s wedding, and a studio session starring 2Chainz and a rapping Andy Samberg. But most importantly, there were two new Digital Shorts to remind us that The Lonely Island are the best at what they do since Weird Al.

“When Will the Bass Drop?” has the SNL cast deconstructing EDM culture to its elementary core. At one point, Andy Samberg, as fine art DJ D’Avvinci, launches a Tech Deck over a model train set while he waits to blow everybody’s freakin’ mind. It’s satire at its finest, skewering everything from the paramedics ready to service the crowd, to the suits and pop fanatics who keep the business alive. It’s absolutely hilarious but more of a skit than a serviceable song. “Hugs” on the other hand, is The Lonely Island’s best song since 2011’s “I Just Had Sex.”

Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Pharell Williams will hug your bitch. Yet another catchy, perfect riff on a popular rap trope, that will help you get 100 hugs a night all summer long. Enjoy.


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