Riff Raff: How to Be the Man on Myspace.

Brad Beatson is regretting his FUSE TV tattoo

Jody Highroller was created for blockbuster summers, all-inclusive wristbands and member’s only production value. Mad Decent’s crystal ball predicted the “Fall of Franco” and the order of Spring Breakers 2, and here with the MySpace exclusive, “How to Be the Man,” they’ve essentially secured NEON iCON’s success. If I was in middle school, I would be plastered to the screen for the duration of this video. As a 26-year old asthmatic male, not much has changed, and this is pure joy start to finish. Everything from the animations to the babes to the then-puppy Jody Husky. And the most important ingredient of all: Mustard on the beat, hoe.

I no longer care about the quirks in RiFF RAFF’s delivery, I’m chalking it up to the fact that it’s my instinct to try and think things should be a certain way. When I sit back and enjoy the Jody spectacle, I want to bolt down the rabbit hole with him. I also no longer care about hearing Jody through headphones: this video, his Instagram account, his Vines, he’s an incredibly talented visual entertainer.

It’s why I’ll skip over his new cut “2 Girls 1 Pipe” but replay “iNSTAGRAM.” With audio* alone, I can’t help but get frustrated with some of RiFF RAFF’s rapping. But with video, I see a smart, willing dude poking fun at everyday ridiculousness, and having an outrageously awesome time doing it. He shows a carefree lifestyle that notes how silly most things in life can be, and reminds us to joke and have some good old fashioned fun.

*edit: Today he released “TROPiCAL VACATiON and it’s the neon “Hold On We’re Going Home.” Ooooooweee!



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