Bonus points afforded to “New Atlanta” for the forcible conscription of Jermaine “Funkdafied” Dupri from whatever gold-plated bunker he’s been hiding in. Points subtracted for avoiding updating the “Welcome to Atlanta” list of popping clubs on any given night. There are people still going to Stroker’s on Lean on Wednesday nights and walking away wildly disconcerted.

Son Raw described this song as: “I don’t think I’m ready to live in a world where the Migos are good at rapping.” I would counter that the Migos have always been good at rapping. They might wind up the Das Efx of this generation, but last time I checked, Das Efx were allowed to flourish until the suffix “iggity” died a peaceful death of natural causes. Young Thug is basically inheriting the Icarus Wayne of 07 role and possibly writing all of Wayne’s new good lyrics. Birdman is still playing Daedalus with an oil derrick tatted on his head. And you can’t make an allusion to Cash Money and Greek mythology in 2014, why even bother writing about rap music.

There’s a Young Thug, Stunna, and Rich Homie Quan song below the jump too, because the new Atlanta rappers are better than the middle-aged Atlanta of Yung Joc, Young Jeezy, and Yung LA, and Birdman will still be swag draculaing people in the year 3000. He is immortal.

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