Creationinzing Not Imitationinzing: An Interview with Folerio

Peter Holslin stole the stolen chain from 50 Cent at Summer Jam 2014 Folerio is a man, and a mystery. He is a singer and versifier, but also an emblem for the beautifully weird. He’s on Instagram,...
By    June 4, 2014


Peter Holslin stole the stolen chain from 50 Cent at Summer Jam 2014

Folerio is a man, and a mystery. He is a singer and versifier, but also an emblem for the beautifully weird. He’s on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. But who is he, really? Evidence says he is the alter-ego of Peanut Butter Wolf, founder of legendary L.A. label Stones Throw Records. But The Folerio is many things for many people. If you search hard enough, you might even find a little Folerio in your heart, breaking free with a warbly falsetto.

Folerio makes a cameo appearance in Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton, the excellent new documentary out about the history of Stones Throw Records. Though the label is perhaps best known for putting out classic hip-hop records like Madvillainy and Donuts, the fact that Folerio shows up just goes to show that Stones Throw also embraces stranger, more experimental sounds.

Reached via email, the Folerio graced me with a rare interview. He spoke about inspiration, romance, drum machines and label drama.

So, who is Folerio? When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Folerio the beautiful man. When the Folerio look in mirror, he make remembering how he making the long, healthy black hair with contrast hazel eyes making knockout bombshell combinationing. Very rare combinationing. He happy with his figure. He look good in clothes. He look good without the clothes. He get manicure because his friends making the manicure, but he don’t needing the manicure to making symbolize the perfection of the man. He don’t make paying getting his eyebrows sculpted because the eyebrows the Folerio already symbol perfectioning. Sometimes he fall off the stage and he just get back up.

Who is your muse?

I don’t really have a mouse. When the Folerio go to Disneyland, now every girl look liking sexy Minnie Mouse. Nobody dress like Mickey Mouse anymore. The moms look liking sexy minnie mouse. The daughters. It make disgrace to have a mouse. I having the gerbil. Richard Gere tell me the story the gerbil. This much better for ownership. And sometimes I eat Cheerios for dinner when I’m alone. But if I’m not alone, I making drinking aperitif, then eat tortellini. Cheese tortellini. I make enough for 10 people, but my dinner table only hold 6 so I have the problem. But the Folerio always finding the solution. If you having the problem, always finding the solution.

Who is for the people? (Besides Folerio…)

This is hard question. Of alive, Roye’l. And Laibach.

What is the best drum machine?

Mattel Synsonics making the good drums. This is what the Folerio making “Second Chance”. But Folerio not making drum machine care. The Folerio have more concern for the message. Folerio not musician. This not importantly. Folerio not the singer. Folerio message orientationing man.

You have an Instagram account where you show pics of some super stylish people. What does Folerio look for in quality style?

Folerio not considerationing fashion. Folerio much deeper than you press men make The Folerio looking. My name not the FOOLERIO.

It seems there is a Folerio in all of us: An artiste, a lover, someone who’ll spread his wings and fly, no matter what. How can I channel my inner Folerio?

Folerio making the dream about once per the week or once per the month where he having the wings and go back and forth, back and forth, and he fly. If you making the dream, you fly.

You seem to be very in tune with the ways of love and romance. How does a person know when they’ve found “The One”?

Folerio always finding the one. Sometimes they find The Folerio back, but usually, The Folerio never know who is “THE ONE”. Folerio always “The One” for most man, most woman. But only very few man and woman are “The one” for the Folerio. So The Folerio waiting to make decisioning. When you never know, how you making the decisioning?

If I wanted to impress a beautiful person in a bar with some impromptu karaoke, what song should I sing?

You never making the karaoke to make impressionizing the beautiful person. Folerio a writer, not the imitationizer. You must create to bring the beauty to you. Creation is beauty. Originality is how you making the friendship the beautiful person. Imitationinzing is not for beauty. I guarantee you of this my friend.

I recently interviewed Jeff Broadway, director of Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton, and he said some people at Stones Throw felt apprehensive about including Folerio in the film. Oh, Folerio. Why would they try to hide you away like that?

Folerio is in the lawsuit with Stones Throw at the moment so this only question I maybe not making the answer.

Do you think they might be jealous of your mojo?

You not respecting what I tell you. This interview is over.

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